How does one get accreditation?


Getting accreditation to the festival is convenient through our on-line system. Using this system, you can not only easily confirm your participation at the festival, but also send us all the information we need to complete your accreditation and prepare your stay at the festival.

You can simply log in to the ONLINE ACCREDITATION SYSTEM.

Click on Log in to MyZlinfest

LOGIN NAME: the wording of your surname, all in lowercase, with diacritics 

LOGIN PASSWORD: your chosen password in the previous year

If you did not receive a password in the previous year, or you do not remember your password, click on "Forgot password", enter the e-mail address to which you received the invitation and generate a new password. This will be sent to you at the email address provided.

NOTIFICATION: If you can't reset your password, try entering your recovery email address in the "email" field. The account will only be linked to the email address to which you were sent the invitation.

After signing into the system, you can choose the dates of your stay during the festival.

At the same time, you will see your personal profile with your contact information in the system. Check to make sure that the information is valid. You can easily modify it if necessary.  We ask in particular that you:

- provide GDPR consent (consent to the processing of personal data, instruction for the data subject, and consent to the acquisition and use of the photography of the person) if you have not already

- check and update your phone number and email address (if you change your email address, use that address the next time you sign in)

- update or add your photo for the accreditation card (an accreditation card without photo cannot be issued)

- add additional necessary information to your profile

The last day that changes can be made to your profile, either to the dates of your stay or to your accreditation information, is May 8, 2023.

If the term of your stay is changed after that date, we are no longer able to fully guarantee the presented offer. Additionally, for technical reasons, modifications also can not be made with regards to the confirmed accreditation. Thank you for understanding.